Volvo and Fashion (Nkhensani Nkosi, Gerd Johan Coetzee and David Tlale)

We successfully negotiated a 12 month Volvo brand ambassadorship deal via Mindshare that saw Volvo partner with fashion brands in a project:

The fruits of the innovative partnership between Volvo Car SA and three of South Africa's most successful and prominent fashion designers were revealed at the Volvo Fashion Finale yesterday (18 August 2011). The three designers, Gert-Johan Coetzee (Melville), David Tlale (Rosebank) and Nkhensani Nkosi (Sandton), were tasked with bringing Volvo and fashion together in an inspiring and fresh way by designing interior, exterior, consumer and couture accessories for their respective Volvo models, the sporty and playful C30, the sleek and sexy S60 and the safe and luxurious XC60.


At the Volvo Fashion Finale each of the designers showed off their latest range of designs, a jaw-dropping couture item as well as the Volvo inspired accessories they designed as part of the Volvo challenge. The cherry on top however was the incredibly funky new exterior skins for each of their stylish Volvos with "wow" interiors to match. People were cheering wildly at this point â€" Volvo pulled it off â€" to bring fashion and style together in a credible, fashionable, unique way.


Volvo and fashion fans were able to follow the progress of Gert-Johan Coetzee, David Tlale and Nkhensani Nkosi during the Volvo Possible fashion and design campaign, by viewing the weekly video updates on, and it generated much anticipation leading up to the Volvo Fashion Finale.


The Volvo Fashion Campaign culminated in a glamorous evening of fashion and style at Urban Tree, one of Sandton's premier event venues. Attended by some of the country's most popular celebs, fashion editors and fashionistas, (with a few petrol-heads thrown into the mix), the Volvo Fashion Finale superbly showcased this unique blend of motoring and fashion.

Gert Johan Coetzee proudly displayed his couture item - a dress made of water, which was inspired by Volvo's green hydropower technology. Volvo's two biggest factories run entirely on clean energy and Gert was inspired to translate this into a sparkling water dress. Gert's funky consumer items (memory stick, laptop bag, belt, car wash kit) were also on display. Coetzee said that "the way the lines of the C30 flow flawlessly from back to front have been a big inspiration. The car's performance and safety features mean that you know you are in good hands when you go around a tight corner. When it comes to comfort and quality, nothing beats a Volvo, and thanks to the fact that Volvo is the epitome of Scandinavian craftsmanship, my Volvo has inspired me to develop an even more critical eye when it comes to quality".


David Tlale's stylish Volvo S60-inspired couture item, a dress that epitomises 'Style', was guaranteed to impress. Tlale is known for his luxurious creations and he certainly lived up to his reputation during the Volvo Fashion campaign. His trendy consumer items include a CD Holder and Trench Coat, while his First Aid Kit is both a stylish and safe accessory. According to Tlale, "I have been inspired by the comfort and elegance of my S60, and I hope that this luxury has translated into my designs. The David Tlale brand focuses on quality at all costs, as we specialise in fine detail and elegance that couture designs command. We pride ourselves in high-end finishes, thanks to unparalleled craftsmanship and the use of exquisite materials. The products we have designed exude power and presence without pretence, just like the Volvo S60".


Volvo have correctly earned a reputation as manufacturing one of the safest vehicles in the world, and Nkhensani Nkosi's couture item, a spectacular dress made entirely of safety belts, paid homage to this. In true Nkhensani style, she managed to turn metres upon metres of tough safety fabric into an eye-catching and feminine design. Her consumer items include a yoga bag, shopper bag, picnic basket, an umbrella and Volvo jewelry. Nkosi said that "Volvo has some of the most sophisticated technology to ensure that the consumer's interaction with the brand is consistent with the brand's core values and focus on safety. The XC60's simplicity, its focus on safety, convenience and its design sensibility have inspired me most and have lead me to create a couture garment that was a salute to all the attention to detail committed to by Volvo in their safety first philosophy".


Volvo ambassadors Proverb, Ashleigh Hayden and Avin Moorley also lent their support to the 3 Volvo Fashion designers at the Volvo Fashion Finale.

To keep track, or get an overview of the Volvo Car SA Fashion Campaign, or for more information, visit the Volvo Car SA Facebook Page and the Volvo Car SA Twitter Feed. Fans who wish to engage directly with the three designers can also log on to either Facebook or Twitter, where all three designers update their profiles, respond to questions and post pictures of their designs daily. Gert-Johan Coetzee can be found on Facebook at 'Gert-Johan Coetzee' and on Twitter at '@gertjohan', David Tlale's popular Facebook page, 'David Tlale Page' has already attracted almost 10,000 'likes', whilst his '@Tlale_large' Twitter feed is also immensely popular. Nkhensani Nkosi's self-titled Facebook page is a hive of activity.