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Refiloe Ramogase

refiloeRefiloe RamogaseRefiloe Ramogase – Director and Operations Manager:
As the Director and one of the founders of Dream Team SA, Refiloe looks after the operations of the three different business units: Brand Factory, Events Factory and Talent Management. Refiloe's career history includes operations management and technology implementation management in various sectors ranging from life insurance and private education. He has held roles a business manager for the "Technical School" portfolio of Further Education and Training (F.E.T) courses private education colleges Damelin and Intec College. He has also been the marketing manager and Acting General Manager for Higher Education distance college Lyceum College. Refiloe has also been the Business Development Manager for Monitoring South Africa.

Refiloe is passionate about developing talent and helping motivated individuals take their personal brands to new heights. Throughout his career, he has helped many talented artists, individuals and learners develop their brands into entrepreneurial ventures. When asked how colleagues would describe him, Refiloe said that "passionate" would most likely be mentioned by many. After interviewing several of his colleagues, however, "pedantic" and "pays more attention to detail than an FBI unit pays to the Most Wanted List" were in fact the top references amongst his team members.

Refiloe is an avid music collector, with a particular soft spot for the African fusion / hip hop band, 340ml as well as the late Moses Taiwa Molelekwa. His favourite brands of clothing are Country Road and Gant, although he consults his wife, Papama (who is the Fashion and Lifestyle Director at Ndalo Media – publishers of Destiny and Destiny Man Magazines), on most of his wardrobe choices.





Kgaugelo Maphai

Kgaugelo MaphaiKgaugelo Maphai has worked mainly in marketing (consumer and trade) as well as sales within the gaming, broadcasting and media sector. He has held various management and leadership positions from Advisory board member at Kagiso Media (Pty) Ltd; Group Marketing Services Manager at Peermont Global (Pty) Ltd and National Sales Manager at East Coast Radio (Pty) Ltd.

His passion has always been about understanding diverse South African consumers, their behaviour and influences and how to communicate with them effectively within their environment (consumer centric). He is very passionate about our country and endeavours to contribute in whatever way he possibly can. Kgaugelo has been managing people from the tender age of 25, and understands the need to value the rich cultural diversity we have in the workplace. As such he has been able to deliver results together with the individual's and team's that he has lead.

The natural progression from his "employed life" was to stand on his own and start a consultancy which he did in April 2008. Within a month of being on his own, he had the opportunity to consult one of the biggest advertising agencies in South Africa – Draft FCB on brands like Toyota; National Lottery and Lexus. He has also done work for Accenture ; Activations for the inaugural Nedbank Cup ; assisted other advertising agencies on client pitches. Kgaugelo is a "hands on" and extremely talented marketer with a solid track record of significant delivery throughout his career.

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